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Ten ways to make a happy school

1. Respect everyone

2.Do not lie

3.Do not fight

4.Respect the teacher

5.Try your best

6.Dont be mean

7. Do not break schools stuff

8.Dont shout at the teacher

9.Dont push and shove

10.Listen to the teacher

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Don’t fight.

Respect everyone.

Don’t break the rules.

Don’t laugh at someone upset.

Don’t do illegal stuff.

Don’t lie.

Don’t play rough games.

Don’t ruin games.

Don’t step on people.

Keep your hands to your self.

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Respect each other

Do not lie

Be nice to everyone

Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Try your best.

Do not steal

Don’t fight

Trust your friends

Be honest

Sit nicely when the teacher is talking

Ten ways to make a happy school17-12-2015 | 09:43:32 | No Comments not lie

2.respect everyone

3.lisen to everyone not fight

5.try your best kind

7.sit nicely

8.join in not shout each other


Ten ways to make a happy school17-12-2015 | 09:40:49 | 1 Comment

1. Do not lie

2. Respect each other

3.Try your best

4.Keep your hands and your feet to your self

5. listen to the teacher

6.Don’t be jealous

7. Be friendly


The ten ways to make a happy school17-12-2015 | 09:36:42 | No Comments

1.respect each other

2.keep your hands and  feet to yourself. kind.

4.try your best. not fight. not tell someone off when they did not do anything

Ten ways To Make A Happy School15-12-2015 | 11:05:28 | No Comments

1.Do not lie

2.Respect everyone

3.listen to everyone

4.Do not fight

5.Try your best

6.Be kind not tell someone if they did not do any thing

8.Do not cry for no reason

9.Be honest

10.Do not fight

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